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We all are very lucky to live in this wonderful country, America. People in other countries all around the world wish to live here and to enjoy the freedom we enjoy every day.

I feel fortunate that I was born in America. I think America is the best country in the world. We have freedom, equality, and justice. Some countries in the world still have slavery, and unjust treatment. America doesn't believe in that.

I think it is wonderful growing up in America. You get to see people from all different parts of the world, together, living in one country. Everyone is equal under the law in America. There will always be prejudice and hate, but they are not tolerated in the U.S.

To live in the United States is a great privilege. If you think about it hard, you will realize you are one of the luckiest people in the world to be living in such a great country that lets you have equal rights and freedom.

The United States is the land of opportunity. I really like being able to learn about other people's ethnicities and heritage. I have friends that are from all around the world. One is from Lithuania, another from Africa, even one from Israel. Their families came to America to get freedom and a better life.

America to me in one word is "Home". I would rather live in America than any other country in the world. Growing up in America has been a great experience. I am very glad I don't have to live in a country without freedom or equality.

Not everyone always gets along in America. Even though some people have disputes, Americans have legal ways to work things out. We have a court system to settle disputes. Our laws are passed by individuals we elect.

What really makes our country great is our Constitution. It lets us each have individual rights. That allows us to succeed with what we want to do in America. If we didn't have a Constitution, people in America would not have equal rights.

In conclusion, I love America. It is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Equality and justice are what make this country special. America is a special country because of the people living in it. The United States of America is a great country, and I am proud of it.

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How Will Son Tours Educational Tour to Washington DC Enrich My life?

I was not born in the United States. I was not born a U.S. Citizen. I was brought to the United States by adoptive parents and eventually I was granted citizenship. This trip to Washington DC with my fellow students is very important to me because it will give me an opportunity to actually learn more about the country that I am no part of. I can read about the history of the United States in books, but going to Washington with Son Tours will actually allow me to see the history of the this country first hand. I feel that many people that are born here just take their history for granted. The country where I came from did not have the same history; they did not have the same form of government, and the people do the not have the same freedoms that U.S. citizens have. I know that I am so lucky to have been brought to a country where we have freedoms like freedom of speech and the right to bare arms. While I know that all of these freedoms were not always here, I feel this trip to Washington with my fellow students will help me to understand how this great country came to be. The part of the trip I am most excited for is the tour of the U.S. Capitol building. This is the central hub of our country and this is where all of the elected officials work together to make this country great. I have seen the class photos of the students from our school standing on the steps of the Capitol building. I cannot wait to add my photo to the collection that Hanover Central has. This trip is also exciting because we get to learn by being there, not just reading things in a book. We get to see the Holocaust Museum and the scarifies that people made in order to make us “free”. We will go to the Smithsonian where we will get to see actual artifacts from our country from several hundred years ago when the country was just being formed. I am interested in seeing the Korean War monument because Korea is there I was born. I have seen pictures of the life like soldiers and I want to stand among them.

I know that by going with Son Tours we will get to see much more then if we would have by going on own. They have been doing this for years and can maximize the tour because they are familiar with doing this year after year. I look forward to seeing as many of the memorials as possible and I am even excited about the bus ride that with our chaperones and classmates.

Austin Fanta

Hanover Central Middle School


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