Brave Frontier Dalimaone Analysis Essay



Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Chasm Conflict - Battle 3 30 7 2,150 71.67 (BEST)

Turbo Netherhound


  • Zahhak can inflict curse.
  • Room may spawn...
    • Dalimaone and Nyx.
      • Nyx's character is obstructed by Dalimaone's size, but it is still there.
      • Dalimaone can inflict weakness.
    • Burst Frog and 4 x Skull Lord
    • Small chance of capturing a Burst Frog, or chance of capturing a Skull Lord.

  • Can act up to 4 times per turn.
  • Immune to critical hits.
  • When HP is <20%, gain an ATK, DEF, REC, and crit rate boost.
  • Chance of capturing Netherhound.
  • Standard Skills
    • Infernal Strike - 6 combo powerful Dark attack on all enemies with a 15% chance to inflict Sickness and Weakness
    • Infernal Assualt - 6 combo powerful Dark attack on all enemies with a 40% chance to inflict Sickness and Weakness.
  • Turn 1
    • Nether Regeneration - AoE dark attack and gradually recovers HP by 5%, indefinetely.
  • When HP <51% <40% or <25%...
    • Infernal Deception - 6 combo massive Dark attack on single enemy, inflicts Poison and casts Stealth on self for 1 turn. Gains a 25% crit boost and 5% Def boost while stealthed.
    • Casted only once, twice, or thrice in one battle, randomly on any of the mentioned values.
  • When HP <20%...
    • Photon Shield - 6 combo massive Dark elemental attack on single enemy and casts a 50,000 HP, 1500 Def Light shield on self for 7 turns




Burst Frog

Chasm Conflict - Battle 2 25 7 1,750 70



  • Room 4 spawns Firedrake and Lich
  • Small chance of capturing Netherhound.


Chasm Conflict - Battle 1 20 7 1,350 67.5



  • Very small chance of capturing Netherhound.


General Zone Details
  • Turbo Netherhound no longer skips a turn when it has used Infernal Deception. While Stealthed, you can still attack with any BB(even single hit BB/SBB like Rowgen), but Turbo Netherhound's name disappears, and it cannot be attacked with regular attacks. If you try and attack it, the game will make you re-decide who to attack, which you can do to no one. The game does not allow you to Guard either. To end your turn, you must go into Auto-battle, as the game will automatically end your units turns one by one, leaving you open for the next attack without guarding. Mitigation is recommended for the next wave of attacks that follow. It is currently known for some users that the above method does not work, as they will be frozen in battle unable to do anything.

"All dragons are my children.
People call me the creator
of all fire dragons."


"My power is rage!
Summoner, help me take my
power to its limit!"


"Summoner rejoice.
Before you stands the
ruler of all fire dragons."

Unit Gallery

Unit Lore:
A member of a species of dragons thought to be the oldest of all the fire dragons. Dalimaone's power is so outstanding it is said that the majority of other fire dragons are nothing more than poor imitations of him. However since their wild personalities made them so hard to train, research was conducted on how to breed more docile Dalimaones. Though some were born with more peaceful dispositions, their abilities in comparison were far weaker, leading many to theorize that the secret to their power may lie in their brutish personalities.

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