Case Study Page 591 Coopers Ice Center

Cooper’s Ice Center Evaluate Cooper’s Ice Center’s situation. After reading the Cooper’s Ice Center case my evaluation of the situation is that Claude runs a successful hockey program, but he needs to expand and improve the public skating program. The Saturday and Sunday afternoon public skating sessions have been the most successful but Friday and Saturday evening public programs are not profitable. What should Claude Cooper do? Why? My idea is market segmentation. Claude needs to have a strategy to divide the groups of people who have the same priorities and similar needs. Since Fridays and Saturdays evenings are not as successful Claude could try different things: Build a relationship with several fundraising groups. Different groups of people will come for the cause and then they might feel attracted to come for the fun. Build a relationship with high schools and colleges in the area to host senior events at the ice skating rinks. Maybe convince the schools to host their hockey games at Cooper’s Ice Center.

Cooper’s Ice Center Pg. 615 Evaluate Cooper’s Ice Center’s situaTon. What should Claude Cooper do? Why? In order for idenTfy and understand the issues with Cooper’s Ice Center, Claude needs to do a SWO± analysis. With a SWO± analysis Claude “can begin to idenTfy strategies that take advantage of the Frm’s strengths and opportuniTes while avoiding weaknesses and threats” (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2014). Cooper’s Ice Center SWO± Analysis Strengths:-Cooper’s Ice Land is the only indoor ice rink in a northern US City of about 450,000-Cooper’s Ice Land already operates a successful ice hockey program-Saturdays and Sunday a²ernoons public ice skaTng sessions have been successful, with an average of 200 people during the winter season Weaknesses:-±he extra cost of operaTng public skaTng sessions o³set the revenue generated by them. -Claude’s current markeTng methods have not been e³ecTve and have had no e³ect on a´endance.

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