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In this picture: Before the first meeting of the second session of the Commission on the Status of Women, Begum Hamid Ali of India, left, talks to Mrs. E. I. Uralova, Byelorussian SSR, and her interpreter. Photo Date: January 5th, 1948 Photo credit: UN Photo

In this picture (original caption): At Hunter College, the Sub-commission on the Status of Women meets. From left to right are: Mrs. Hansa Mehta, India; Mrs. Way Sung New, China; Miss Fryderyka Kalinowski, Poland; Miss Angela Jurdak, Lebanon; Miss Minerva Bernardino, Dominican Republic; Mrs. Marie Helene Lefaucheux, France; and Mrs. Bodgil Begtrup, Denmark and Chairman of the committee. Photo Date: May 8th, 1946 Photo credit: UN Photo

In this photo: Minerva Bernardino, Dominican Republic (left), and Way Sung New, China, members of the Sub-Commission on the Status of Women on the Human Rights Commission at a party given by Secretary-General Trygve Lie in honour of the members of the Commission of the UN Economic and Social Council. Photo credit: UN Photo

Historic images from the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

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The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Tuesday voted to extend an arms embargo imposed on Eritrea and Somalia.

The fifteen-member UNSC in a majority vote of 11 as against four abstentions adopted resolution 2385 to renew sanctions regime against the two Horn of Africa nations.

According to Sebastiano Cardi, the Italian ambassador to the U.N., the current extension spells out of further reviewing both regimes in the coming months.

The decision of the council comes barely a week after a panel of experts called for the lifting of sanctions particularly on Eritrea. The panel in a report said there was no conclusive evidence that Eritrea was supporting al-Qaeda linked insurgents Al-Shabaab group based in Somalia.

A United States – backed resolution led to the imposition of arms sanctions on Eritrea in 2009, with the main reason being their alleged support for Al-Shabaab. Eritrea has described the sanctions as ‘useless and unjustified.’

Somalia on the other hand are also under a sanction regime despite being the biggest sufferer of attacks by al-Shabaab. Security watchers say the arms embargo is partly to blame for the inability to effectively match rampaging insurgents.

The Horn of Africa region is generally one that has complex security issues. Ethiopia has internal crisis to deal with aside its border tensions with Eritrea. It is also actively engaged in the fight against Al-Shabaab inside Somalia. It is, however, at peace with Sudan and Djibouti.

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