Dog Deleting Homework






Typical Homework Assignments



Math page (tear off and turn in page the next day) (print a copy of homework or get help here)

Fundations page (turn in packet at the end of the week)



Study Trick Words (practice these online here)

Study Math Facts (practice these online here)

Fluency practice (print a copy of homework or get help here) 

Talk (read tips for supporting strong communication here or here)


Reading Log 

Read a self-selected book for 15+ minute(find how to tips here) (find a book online here)

Write down the title and pages read (on the homework assignment page)



Take out "keep at home" papers.

After checking over your child's work and color calendar, parents initial homework assignment page. 


Homework Philosophy

Homework is meant to support students and families in practicing skills learned during the school day at home.  It can also help build student independence in learning.  I hope it fosters a strong home-school connection and empowers you to take an active role in monitoring and supporting your child's success.  If your child is having homework trouble please don't hesitate to get in touch.  I am here to help! 

Homework Do & Don't Tips

Do: enjoy reading to and with your child, help read and follow directions, check completed work, help fix mistakes

Don't: skip reading, make homework a battle, do homework for your child, work for too long


Homework Routines 

I suggest setting up a homework routine that works well for your child and family.  The habits formed during these early years will only become even more important as your child moves through the upper grades.  For suggestions on creating a homework routine click here.


How is Homework Assigned?

Typically, written homework is assigned Monday-Thursday.  Your child will copy the homework assignment from the board, first thing in the morning, before taking some free time to talk with friends.  This homework assignment sheet is stored in the back of the Take Home Folder.  For the first month of school I will check that the students copy the assignments correctly; After that they are ready to be independent.  If your child comes home without his/her homework copied please email me.

Important tests and/or assignments will be sent home via the Take Home folder; Look for your child's homework assignment page to read, "sign test."  Please sign and return the test to school.


Self-Selected Reading (SSR)

Students are also assigned to read a book of their own choosing for 15 minutes or more each day. Click here to learn why your child shouldn't skip the 15+ minutes of reading.  For tons of tips on how to complete the 15+ minutes of reading click here.  To read a free online book RIGHT NOW click here.  To earn free books for our classroom by buying a book for your child online via Scholastic click here.  Although homework isn't given on the weekends, if I could have one teacher wish, it would be for each second grader to read to and with their family every day!


Weekly and Unit Packets

Handing out and assigning homework in unit or week long packets saves valuable instructional time.

Please do not allow your child to work ahead in the homework packets.


Homework Enrichment   

Real world experiences are a valuable resource for teaching and learning.  Teaching your child a new skill, visiting places in the community, researching a favorite topic, or just talking with your child about his/her day are all examples of my preferred methods for homework enrichment.  For those families and children interested in directly connecting their enrichment work to school, you are invited to present your at home enrichment project with the class during our Morning Meeting; Email Mrs. Hamnett if you are interested.  Finally, additional practice opportunities can be accessed through educational websites or print resources available to families today via the internet; many of my favorite links can be found on our class webpage.








''And computer crashes or accidently deleting work, are the perfect modern-day excuses to get out of homework.

''But it's not always a fabrication though.

''I'm sure all of us have at some time actually experienced the panic of losing documents as a result of a computer virus, accidental deletion or even spilling a drink onto a computer and causing a catastrophic crash."

The study, which was carried out between the 13th and 23rd August found three quarters of teachers have noticed an upsurge in the number of pupils blaming technology for not doing homework.

In the list of top ten modern day excuses eight are technology-related.

Among them was: "I emailed it to you, but I got a bounce-back email" as well as "I finished my homework but was unable to save it."

Also to feature was "My printer ran out of ink" and 'My house was burgled and my computer was nicked."

The report also found eight out of ten pupils regularly attempt to pull the wool over teachers' eyes by blaming modern gadgets that older staff members don't understand.

And according to the study, 78 per cent of pupils are now submitting school work typed on the computer.

But eight in ten teachers said this has made it easier for kids to blame technological faults.

Your View: What’s the best excuse you ever gave a teacher for not doing your homework?


1.I emailed it to you, but I got a bounce-back email

2.I finished my homework but then I deleted it by accident

3.The dog ate it

4.My computer crashed and I lost it

5.My printer broke

6.I finished my homework but was unable to save it

7.My printer ran out of ink

8.My internet was down so I couldn't do any research or access assignment

9.I spilt my drink on the computer and it broke

10.My house was burgled and my computer was nicked

11.I couldn't connect my laptop to a printer

12.My computer was hacked and a virus destroyed my hard-drive

13.Windows Vista crashed my laptop and deleted the programme

14.Spilt my dinner over it

15.I lost my laptop

16.Accidently stuck it in the washing machine

17.It fell out of my bag as I walked to school

18.The letters on my keyboard have worn out so couldn't type

19.Blew out of my hand

20.I put it on top of the TV and the TV blew up


* My goldfish ate it

* My pet horse ate it

* My keyboard got snapped in half

* I went on holiday and airport security took it away

* I left it in the sun too long and the ink faded

* The dog spilt cake on it

* It accidently got put on the bonfire

* I put it in the fridge so that I would remember it when I got the milk out for my cereal but I had toast that morning

* I was in a car crash

* I was walking through the park and a bee stung me so I ran to save myself and dropped my homework

* I dropped it in the river and it got caught by the current

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