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Let's face it.  The State's rubric for scoring open-ended responses is VAGUE.  What does "clearly demonstrates understanding of the task" really mean???  In order to help schools that I work with, I analyzed the State-released scored exemplars and determined what students need to do SPECIFICALLY to excel on their responses.  Then I created a user-friendly Open-ended Response Rubric.  The schools I work with have found it very helpful.  I hope you will, too.

Here are some strategies for success on open-ended responses:

  1. Restate the question in your response.
  2. Answer ALL PARTS of the question, writing 4-6 sentences per question.
  3. Provide EVIDENCE from the text.  EXPLAIN the evidence.
  4. End with a PUNCHY, INSIGHTFUL STATEMENT.  See Punchy Insights Poster below.

Also, check out my TLC Blog, which explains how to approach open-ended responses in more depth: "Open-Ended Response Care Package."  I have also added a new OPEN-ENDED RESPONSE WRITING page!

In addition to the materials in the Download Zone, check out THIS LINK, which includes helpful State-released scored exemplar open-ended responses.  PS--Ignore the picture-prompt materials in this document; they are obsolete.

IN THE DOWNLOAD ZONE for NJ ASK Open-ended Responses:

If you live in New Jersey, you know that it takes a scaled score of 200 to pass the NJ ASK (AKA to be "Proficient") and 250 or higher to be "Advanced Proficient."  But what more can we learn about our students' strengths and needs by ANALYZING their NJ ASK results in more depth?  Do your students need help with paraphrasing, inference, open-ended questions, or particular writing tasks?  Do you know which students need help with which skill?

This FREE SAMPLE of analyzed 7th grade NJ ASK ELA results (from 2008-9) shows how you can sort and analyze your school's NJ ASK data, grade by grade, to identify students' key areas/skills in need of improvement.  And here's a NEWER FREE SAMPLE of analyzed 3rd grade NJ ASK ELA results (from 2011-2012).  By identifying students' needs, you can plan more effective interventions.

To apply the analysis strategies shown in these samples and save time when analyzing other grades, download the NJ ASK 3-8 ELA Headings, 2011-2012.  These headings tell what each category was worth and what scores to use to target students who need help (i.e., those near or below the Just Proficient Mean).  Here's what to do:

Download, save, and re-save/re-name your overall results spreadsheet (found on the NJASK Measurement Inc page in E-Reports--PS, you need a password to log in) as "Grade 3 Results," "Grade 4 Results," etc..  Delete nonessential rows and columns (keeping only those with student names and actual test data), then paste in these replacement headings.  NOTE: If you need to go back and analyze data from 2010-11, 2009-10 or 2008-9, check out NJ ASK 3-8 Replacement Headings for 2010-11, NJ ASK 3-8 Replacement Headings for 2009-10 or Replacement Headings for Grades 3-8 NJ ASK Results, 2008-9 (For archival purposes, you might also be interested in the Percent Correct Needed for Proficient or Advanced Proficient in Grades 3-8 for 2008-9)

For more information on data-driven instruction, check out the DDI 101 page.

       IN THE DOWNLOAD ZONE for Analyzing NJ ASK Results:



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