Examples Of Reflective Essays On Teaching Profession

Professional Reflection from an Experienced Teacher Essay

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I have been a teacher for 12 years and in that time I have developed a deep understanding of pedagogy and teacher training practices. I have been involved in the development of the successful teaching and learning model at Cramlington Learning Village, and a comprehensive knowledge of Accelerated learning, Effective Teacher Behaviours, Assessment for learning, Collaborative learning, Thinking for Learning, effective and creative use of ICT, the Learning to learn approach and of Enquiry Based Learning. I also have extensive knowledge of the Teachers Effectiveness Enhancement Program (TEEP) for whom I am a trainer, and the Project for Enhancing Effective Learning (PEEL), whom I have contributed to their PEEL Seeds Journal and “The Voice of…show more content…

I make a point of sharing the pedagogical purpose of each activity with students and I am proactive about gathering information about learning that each activity renders. This may be subject specific content, a skill, a procedure or a meta-cognitive process, all can be seen and can be used to either provide constructive feedback or change the direction of a lesson or scheme of work. This information is also vital in the provision of differentiated work so that the learning can be personalised across the ability range.
I use a range of strategies to provide differentiated feedback to my students from success criteria checklists to comment only feedback as well as providing structures to facilitate and increase the accuracy of self and peer assessment. Research has shown that students receive 80% of feedback from their peers, yet 80% of this feedback is inaccurate. Careful activity design and planning are therefore a big strength of my practice and allows me to provide useful feedback in various pedagogical models from accelerated learning to Enquiry based Learning. I have introduced SOLO taxonomy to my classes to provide consistent feedback that works between activities in a structured way, so that clear progression over several different topics can be seen and planned for. This innovation has already produced a measureable effect in the quality of my students work. Within the information rich

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Professional Development as a Teacher: Personal Reflection Essay

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Being a teacher is not an easy task as many people could think. To be a teacher does not only imply to know the subject to be taught, it also includes being willing to constantly improve oneself integrally, as much as updating the resources and materials one uses in teaching. Reflecting and analyzing over and over again the best way to teach to learn and how to make students to extend what has been learned. The many hours spend in the classroom will never be enough to plan lessons, prepare materials, review pupils tasks and exams, as well, all the administrative requirements one has to cover for whatever institution we work. Besides all this a good teacher, a professional one, will have to find the time to keep preparing to improve…show more content…

It has not been easy but challenging and interesting. Unfortunately in this present job I have no colleagues, institution authorities or supervisors, which means anything I do in the classroom hardly ever provides me any feedback of what I am doing. Except of course for the eventual commentaries I receive from my students and the annual performance evaluation. Therefore I had this urgent necessity of obtaining some refreshment and reviewing of what I am doing in my classroom. I need to make a stop to reflect about how effective my teaching is. If the things I am doing are adequate and suitable to take my pupils to achieve their goal to communicate in the target language. Teaching in this context was at the beginning of the journey a frightening and stressing episode, first of all because I did not know anything about mining, geology, finance and accounting, just to mention some and not to make myself look like a complete ignorant. Secondly the atmosphere in a corporate has nothing to do with the informal ambience in an elementary school and thirdly but not least important, the students expectations and perceptions are not the same. Thus, I had to remake myself.
Everything started when I was invited to work with them; I did the typical searching about the company and the leaders, anyone would do for that first good desirable impression one wants to give in the job interview. That was my first contact with the mining

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