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Students who find themselves inundated with writing assignments for at least five courses each semester are stressed and anxious. Many have part-time jobs to help with college expenses; others are involved in a number of campus activities; still others are taking some seriously challenging courses for which there are multiple essays and papers due throughout the semester. At some point, they are ready to throw up their hands and decide to just take failing grades on some of these assignments. If this is your situation, stop right now. You do not have to take failing grades on writing assignments that you cannot complete. You can make the smart decision to come to for professional assignment writers.

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Students All Over Australia Have Found Us

We have become so popular with Aussie students because they have come to know us as a trustworthy and reliable place for all of their assignment writing needs. They know that we will always give them the best possible writer, premier customer support, great prices, and guarantees.

Nowhere else will students find the following:

  • Custom assignment writers who have the educational and writing backgrounds for each unique student order.
  • Research that is authentic, current, and most relevant
  • Writing that meets the high standards of Australian institutions
  • Adherence to every specified detail that students provide with their orders
  • Communication with a personal assignment writer during the whole process of order completion
  • A customer support department that is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, by phone or live chat
  • A writing service that can meet even the most urgent deadlines without sacrificing quality.
  • Guarantees that all research and writing is original and one-of-a-kind – writing that is delivered only to the customer who has ordered it and then deleted from our system
  • Great benefits such as free revisions, title pages, tables of contents, and bibliographies
  • Discounts for both new and returning customers

The Products We Offer

No students has yet to place an order with us that we have not been able to complete and deliver back to the on time. This is because we have accumulated a research and writing team that, as a group, covers all academic content fields. So, whether you need an essay or a dissertation, we have the assignment writers to cover those and anything in between. Here is a list of the most ordered types of assignments:

  • Essays – basic and research
  • Research and term papers
  • Analyses and responses
  • Book reports and reviews
  • Case studies on any topic
  • Lab reports for biology, chemistry or physics
  • Presentations with PowerPoint slides
  • Speeches and debate points
  • Math modeling, problem sets, and research projects
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Personal statements for graduate school admissions
  • Portfolios
  • Any homework assignment assistance and tutoring
  • Expert editing and proofreading

If your need is not listed here, do not be deterred from contacting us. Because of the great diversity of our writing staff, we will certainly be able to find the perfect professional for your unique or complex need.

Our Essay Roo Writing Staff

Because we focus on writing products and services for UK students, the vast majority of our writers are graduates of universities within the UK. They fully understand the standards for research and writing that UK students must meet, because they met those standards themselves.

We employ assignment writers with Master’s or PH.D. degrees in their academic fields. Many still teach or are retired from the profession. Others are employed in their fields.

In order to be employed as an Essay Roo writer, candidates must submit official transcripts/records of their university degrees and graduation. They must pass a UK-based English proficiency examination and submit samples of their research and writing. As a last screening, they must then produce a piece of original research and writing on a topic that we provide. This is carefully checked for authenticity of resources, for scholarly composition, and for plagiarism. When we are satisfied by all of these factors, we place a writer in our database of writers.

If you are an undergraduate student, you will receive a writer with a Master’s degree at a minimum. If you are a graduate student, your writer will always possess a Ph.D. And in all cases, when writing an assignment, your writer’s degree will be in the academic field.

Trust and Reliability

We have built our reputation on customer satisfaction, and it has worked. The majority of our customers are repeaters, that is, they use Essay Roo exclusively whenever they need coursework products or services. They know we are not just legit, but also committed to giving students the very best custom writing that can be found.

You can become one of our happy customers too – submit your first order today, and let us show how the real pros get it done.

Assignment Writer Australia

Lilian reviewed EssayRoo:

I never liked using someone's else recommendation, but this time it was totally worth it. I needed a helping hand to finish a couple of essays that were due, my friend suggested me to hire a professional assignment writer at EssayRoo and it worked. I don't like when someone gets into assignment writing of mine, but this writer managed to make it look naturally, like it was actually written by me. I would like to send big thanks to writer id #35724 for completing my essays!

Rating: 5

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We aren’t just here to provide help with big writing assignments. It is our goal to help Aussie students who are struggling with daily Homework as well. If you are staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish your college coursework, we are here to provide you with some relief. Keep reading and we’ll explain more.

Professional assignment help for Australian students

At Essay Roo, we have professional academic technicians who specialize in helping students who are struggling with their daily assignments. This includes take home worksheets, online worksheets, quizzes, short writing assignments, multiple choice tests, and other work that students are expected to complete on their own time.

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If students need help with these assignments, they simply have to get online and get in contact with us. We will then provide them with the assignment help that they need.It doesn’t matter if you are an Australian, undergraduate student or an advanced student at a top university who is working on your MBA.

How Does Assignment Writing Help Work?

There are many methods we use to provide help with your daily coursework. It just depends on the type of assignment, how you need to complete that assignment, and your specific needs. Whatever the situation is, we will find the best way to help you. For the most part, however we receive two types of requests. These are…

Assignments to be Completed Online

When a student has work to be done that must be completed online, one of our expert, academic techs will work with them to sign into their account or portal in order to complete the assignment. Once that assignment has been finished, the student will be provided with proof by way of a screen shot or confirmation message as a way to prove to them that their assignment has been successfully completed on their behalf.

Assignments That Are Done on Paper

If the assignment must be done on paper, we handle things a bit differently. In these instances the student uploads a scanned version of the paper or worksheet or they enter the questions when they place their order. As soon as we receive that request, one of our workers will find the answers, write the essay, or otherwise do the work that is required to complete the assignment. After this is done, the student will then have the opportunity to download the completed work as is, or they may opt to transcribe it onto the existing quiz or take home paper.

What Type of Students Need Help With Daily Assignments?

At, we receive lots of requests for homework help from students living in Oz. You might think that these students are lazy, disorganized, or that they don’t care about being good students. The truth is, our student clients are extremely hardworking and dedicated. They are often athletes, reliable employees, and loyal family members. Here are a few reasons that have given for using our company:

  • They had to assist a family member who was sick or in need.
  • Attending a special event took precedence over homework
  • Since professors do not coordinate when passing out assignments, they simply had more to do in one night than they could manage
  • They themselves were sick and unable to work
  • Their bosses required them to work late/overtime
  • They needed to work on another urgent assignment
  • They could not miss a practice, game, or workout
  • They needed the time to study subjects that are related to their major or chosen academic discipline

One myth that we would love to dispell is that students in Australia who use our services are anything more than hardworking students. In fact, the opposite is true. Students who come to us for help tend to be high achievers who hold themselves to strict standards relating to school work, and have exceptional work ethics.

What Are The Benefits of Using Assignments Australia?

Imagine being awake, yet exhausted late at night trying to finish a homework assignment. You are tired, worn out, and making stupid mistakes. You aren’t making these errors because you don’t know the material. You just have too much on your plate and are getting to the point of burn out. This is when you turn to us for the help that you need.

When we provide you with help on your coursework assignments, we give you the opportunity to relax, recoup, and gather up your energy. In the meantime, we finish your challenging daily assignments so that you can attend to your other obligations. While we are doing this, you can work on other homework assignments, study for upcoming exams, spend time with your family, or work that extra shift you need to pay your bills.If you want to, you can even spend that time resting, relaxing, and catching up on your social life. We won’t judge!

Here’s what is even better, we guarantee that you will receive great marks on every assignment that we complete for you. Our workers are comitted to providing this kind of service to every native Australian student or exchange student. You can count on us for high quality work. We will put thought and effort into each assignment, and we will treat it as if it is absolutely urgent. We work hard on every order we receive whether it is a homework assignment or a dissertation.

Is This Assignment Writing Service Legit?

The short answer to this question is, yes. If you would like more proof than that, we don’t blame you. After all, when you work with us, you are putting at least a part of your academic standing in our hands. This is why we are willing to offer a variety of guarantees to you when you use our services. First and foremost, we will always respect your privacy and we will treat the information you give us with the utmost respect. This means that we take steps to ensure that your information is safe and we never provide it to other people. We also guarantee the quality of our work. You will never pay for an assignment that is not accurately completed and that doesn’t receive a good grade.

How do I Get Started?

We have done everything we can to ensure that you can quickly and easily come to us for help. It does not matter what time of day or night it is, we are always available to help you with your assignments. All you need to do is hop onto our websight and open up a chat session with one of our customer service reps. Another option is to just fill out our order form. Whatever you decide to do, just know that we are on the ball and geared up to help you out.

Assignment Help Australia

Zoe Evans reviewed EssayRoo:

Professional assignment writing help offered by EssayRoo was actually worth the time and money spent. I've placed an order for International Marketing essay (5 pages), so I asked for a writer who has knowledge in marketing. One of their writers was available for new order at that moment, the communication with him was honestly ok and it turned into a really good assignment paper in the end. I would recomment this site to a friend and will definitely use myself in the future as well. Thanks!

Rating: 5

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