Ksb Krtf 100-250 Word Essay

KSB’s KRT submersible pump line now features IE2-compliant high-efficiency motors that provide an extremely reliable and versatile dry and wet pump solution - with low energy loss.

Increased energy savings

The KSB's IE2-compliant high-efficiency motors give its submersible KRT pumps improved efficiency, reducing energy losses through several enhancements:

  • The design reduces heat losses in stator windings and rotor squirrel cage.
  • Increased number of laminations by up to 25 percent per KW, plus optimized stator rating and voltage, reduces magnetic reversal losses in the stator cores.
  • High-quality components reduce friction losses in bearings and mechanical seals.
  • Heat exchange by convection reduces losses that would be imposed by recirculation of coolant liquid, maintaining lower motor temperatures and extending the useful life of the pump.

Flexibility and longer wear life:

The ability to use the KRT pumps in both wet and dry installations gives the product great flexibility to be used in different applications. 

When configured as a submersible pump, the KRT can easily transition to a dry operation without interruption when water levels drop. This ability to run continuously as water levels change reduces wear caused by frequent stops and starts and extends the overall pump wear life. When configured as a dry pit pump, the KRT can continue running seamlessly even if flooding occurs.

Fully backed by KSB experience:

At KSB, more than 100 years of hydraulic pump design experience, combined with a focus on continuous improvement, create pumps that are exceptionally reliable and functional.Operators and maintenance engineers working in wastewater applications will save time and effort with KSB's efficient, highly reliable KRT pump while experiencing lower energy losses over the life of the pump's operation

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