Reality Television Essay Conclusion Structure

“We define reality TV as an unabashedly commercial genre united less by aesthetic rules or certainties than by the fusion of popular entertainment with a self-conscious claim to the discourse of the real” (Murray and Ouellette pg 2). Although reality television is supposed to be a “real” depiction of modern day society, it seems that these shows only further strengthen differences amongst people, specifically the racial gap amongst white and other minority races. After looking at these shows as prime examples of the racial stereotypes portrayed in reality tv, our research suggests that reality tv creates a perpetuation of potentially negative stereotypes in the real world. And although the goal of reality television does not seem to be a need for blatant displays of negative racial stereotypes, the need to entertain audiences at whatever the cost overpowers the desire to be politically correct. Millions of people tune in to different reality series, causing a rapid increase in the production of these shows. Due to the fact that so many people are exposed to “reality” tv, and after exploring the different facets of this media, we are left to question how these shows effect racial stereotypes in society today?

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